My first post

Life becomes hard nowadays, sitting home nothing to do makes me read more. I usually goes for novels. But this time I decided to closely follow the reports and articles of top stories in news papers. Within a day or two, what I understood was, if these people start writing fiction, then the lead writers of today have to look for something else. The interviews of important personalities are now live fed by channels. But we will be reading a totally different story of what we saw and heard the last day.
For those who cry about the dryness in Malayalam literature, here is the answer. People with good level of imagination is now with media.


One Response to “My first post”

  1. Ashraf Says:

    Hi Jinesh, I had read your blog. Media(TV) is going on wrong path nowadays. You had see that Some unimportent news are displayed as “Its a big issue” now and some importent news are ignored. I dont forgot the Support for Sree V S Achumama in the case of Moonnar operation(Now it is ………). But totally TV media has to fail in the case of right news are displeyed infront of Our citizens.

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