account of a campus gang war!!!

This is an account of a mob in a well known self financing engineering college, from the words of students of the college. Its from MES College of engineering, and most newspaper reports are not taking into account whats the root cause of the problem. I just tried to interact with some of my juniors there and got these details. This account is written on basis of a chat conversation, which is published here. Some details I confirmed and crosschecked, basically that regarding the program at auditorium and all. I just want to point out how a ordinary gang or group fight at college turned out to be a political(?) issue. I never call this as student politics, but student gang war.

There are more than enough issues in college, and without fighting for those, these student politicians(?) are fighting for head counts. I don’t know what leads these students, anyway i believe it is not the professionalism all are expecting from young engineers.

On Friday 23rd Nov 2007, there was a screening for some program (guess its name was Dyuthi 07) going on in the auditorium. It was going well until when mech fellows started shouting ROYAL MECH, to which the the EEEs responded by shouting CHOPPERS. The people present there said that they saw many chairs flying around. The situation was brought under control by the police.
Later, on sunday(25th Nov) morning(night), at about 1:30 AM, while everyone were asleep, a few locals came to the hostel and destroyed an inmate’s computer. Another inmate who rushed to the scene on hearing the noise was brutally attacked with weapons like chains, iron rods and haxo blade. He suffered injuries to his head, arm and foot.
A big strike was planned for monday(26th Nov) by KSU-MSF. the SFI-DYFI were also on strike and had lot of local support with them. Police rushed to the scene in large numbers. there were 3 jeeps and 2 vans full of police with the new ‘lathi’s. The strike was peaceful. classes were suspended for the day.
The locals found some tools (iron rods) on the road and reported to the police. They said more would be found in the hostel and asked the police to raid the hostel and the police came to the hostel. some locals came along as well but students werent happy at this. pushing and pulling took place then throwing of stones….the police stopped the raid and came to the middle and used laathi to separate the 2 groups. some were injured.
Along with the students and the people, a news reporter was also injured. The bikes of 2 students were also destroyed by the DYFI activists.

The final outcome was, the college was closed for a week, the first internal exam, to be conducted in the first part of the odd semester was again postponed. Also many students were injured and hospitalized. I was seeing this game of settling scores for a long time, and now just a problem in a cultural show turned out to be a big issue(settling accounts!). I don’t know who is benefiting from these gang wars.

(Also heard some students were got harassed while going home after all these, didn’t get the details. Will put up those details too as soon as possible.)


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  1. Toby Says:

    Excellent work, buddy

  2. RAP Says:

    wel done jinesh….u hav given a good ‘account’ of wat had happend in the college.but its only the view frm one side(abt ur chating). i think u shud also look into the other side nd wat they hav to say…beside reporting the news,do u hav any suggestions for these problems?

  3. jinsbond007 Says:

    thank you for your response.I don’t know whether the views are one sided or anything, I got details from two three students whom I know, they were not interested in publishing the things so I published it.What I aimed is telling all that how a campus gang war gets the cover of politics. I am not seeing any political issue over the things. Also I can’t simply propose an alternative, as i don’t know what are the troubles and all. I just want to get the attention of people to the real face of campus politics(at least in MES) since i haven’t seen any newspaper reports telling what was the root cause.They are just interested in numbers. I welcome a discussion over the issue, as I like to see the college run smoothly at least in the coming days. If you have any idea what the other side(i have no idea about whom you are talking about) have to say, please post that too. I have limitation in collecting data. I will put up more details as get in touch of more students.As far as I know, the ultimate solution is students must understand what they are supposed to and not supposed to do.

  4. sunir Says:

    hi guys..i am a student of mesce..i would like to add root cause..screening as mentioned..eee boys n mech ..der was a clash..shabeeb of s5 eee got beaten..the followin night incidents at de hostel ,all as mentioned above..strike too..but shabeeb and his parents came for a der was no cause for de strike by sfi..n ksu msf they teased de hell out of sfi and dyfi..while returnin aftr de strike 4 of the students were confronted by dyfi..but they wer beaten up..thye tried to attack de hostell..n strtd throwin stones..they wer in de hostell premises n whn we retaliated, police lathi charged us..5 0f de students were admitted..and 2 students wer attakd by dyfi infront of de police..their bikes destroyed n we were not allowed to move by de police..our co inmates wer being thrashed by dyfi n we were helpless..latr police told us tat they had orders..from above…now tats wt u cald politicsand finally whn we wer askd 2 vacate..inmates who wer der 4 notin was badly beaten up in de bus at edappal..we were behind in bikes..thnk god the guys in de bus informed us and we tuk a deviation..der wer 100 of edapal..wt hapnd at college was sik..but wats gona happen wud be evn sicker..

  5. Babu Ramachandran Says:

    ഇതൊന്നും ഇന്നോ നാളെയോ തീരുന്ന പ്രശ്നങ്ങളല്ല പഹയരേ.. ഇതൊന്നും ഒരിക്കലും തീരാതെ. കോളേജിലെ രാഷ്ട്രീയാന്തരീക്ഷം എന്നും’സജീവ’മായിരിക്കേണ്ടത്‌ ഇരുപക്ഷത്തിന്റെയും ആവശ്യമാണ്‌.. മൗലികമായ ഒരു പ്രശ്നവും ഇവിടെയില്ല, എല്ലാം സാന്ദര്‍ഭികമായി ഉണ്ടാക്കിയെടുക്കുന്നവ.. അവരങ്ങനെ നുള്ളിയും പിച്ചിയും നടക്കട്ടേന്നെ…

  6. Ashraf Says:

    Daa well work…!!!. Right now I am busy with exams. I will post later the details and my comments about the “MES POLITICS(Gunda Vilayattam)”.Keep in touch…

  7. Toby Says:

    Well, it takes two hands to clap..If either side had the sense to remain calm when provoked by the other, perhaps all this could have been avoided..Peace!!For RAP, I got one solution”Whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.”You can laugh at me all you want, RAP; but it wasn’t the armed struggle of Bhagat Singh that got us freedom from the British, it was the peaceful non-violent methods of Mahatma Gandhi that did the job. And you know who became internationally renowned for his methods of resistance.Well, I guess we saw how a simple campus gang war turned ugly;and how the political parties were quick to take advantage of the situation and garner media publicity for their cause, all while innocent students got beaten up for nothing that could even be remotely termed as their fault. All that the political parties did was to add fuel to the fire while the college got drenched in all the violence. In the end, they got what they wanted – free publicity and crushing of their opponents, all at the cost of innocent students who had nothing to do with politics. RAP, another solution would be to ban campus politics altogether. Lets face it, they havent done an iota of good to the students, only harm. Why have them around anymore?

  8. sunir Says:

    @tobywell said tobby..gang wars takin de role of politics..its juz a mask..but personaly, wat many of us feel is tat its necessary ,if unity has 2 exist especially wid assholes runnin the management..the day the strike took place, we pleaded to the princi 2 suspend classes..he said tat he wud provide us wid 2 buses of police..the very same police who lathi charged us.such assholes are the ones who hav 2 be punishd..and thoz students too who need local support to stand inside the campus..the laz beatin up of students in the bus at edapal was a clear case of students betrayin students..they wer der in edapal pinpointin mescians to the dyfi gundas ..politics is gud if we hav problems wid de management..but al fight n stuff shud be between students..only thn ders a point..all these are for elections which had been cancelled for 2 yerars..the stand of the management towards no election is creatin all these riots..

  9. Rahmath Says:

    well guys…!!!!all seems make it simple by sayin its just a gang war…!!!just askin 2 three people wotn give a big picture…!!!u betta meet some neutral sirs they will tell u de truth..!!!this clashes are just coz of de mangements double stnderd policy which entirly supports one side thats de royal mech led team…!!!ha bro dou u think if chant slogans on “choppers” or “royals” there gonna be fights..?????y was shabeeb beaten..?????can any one show a single action taken or case aginst him for doin something to royals…????simple reason coz he doesnt agree with de royls and infact the show which was goin on was EEE program..its clear that mech wann show off as they know the SFI students r silent after de issues in jan07…!!lemme put some incidents what took place this year…!!1.riza,ufais,shameer attcked by Royals led by salam on april-15thno action was taken2.ufais beaten again infront of sirs in CSE dept led by salam on action was taken3.2 first year students who said they dont support ksu wer ragged by the royals on action was taken4.then s8 it students were attcked by de same team in front of college.on april 07no action for that too..!!5.arshad,sooraj,vipin wer attcked in front of coll front of principalno action was taken..!!6.randeep s8 was beaten up in wardens room by salm n team..!!!no action was taken..!!7.sameer s5 it was beaten infront of the principals office by salm on march07no action was taken..!!n still many say principal is impartial…n if MR.principal was impartial he should have taken action against those who manhandled shabeeb expecially on “Saleem ismayil”, as he is there in every single issue that takes place in mes…!!and when there is no justice from coll mangements the SFins r forced to take law in their hands..!!n trust if ny thin goes worse for sfi as some one said here…!!!bro we have seen many blood sheds,if it takes someones life to stop u people “WE ARE READY”

  10. Rahmath Says:

    ha bro…!!!do u really think gandhis non voilence was de only reason for de britishers left india..????u betta be alright bro…!!!y should de britishers care when a dhoti wearing man gonna die of hunger…!!!read history well bro…!!!n please dont underestimate Bhgath singh…!!!!they knew if somethin happens to gandhi whole indian is gonna burst out…!!!do u think they all will show other side of the face n wait what happens..????

  11. sunir Says:

    as to gandhiji alone givin india freedom, i support ali..coz i wud say bhagath singh and his gang, they wer de first ones 2 invoke a sense of humility among britishers..british women goin on strike..and no onez gona show der cheeks now for hits recevd..but tat has notin 2 do wid mesce politics..coz fights out here are witot cauz, der wudnt be evn one guy in de colg who would be an ideal party worker..juz show off..and whn ego gets outa control, alll dese lik wt hapnd in de campus takes plac

  12. Toby Says:

    I guess that last sentence pretty much sums it up !

  13. jinsbond007 Says:

    @rehmath ali,Though I addresses you in my blog, just keep in mind that this not only for you, but all who still believes the gang war going on in our college have something to do with the politics.I stated in my post itself that i interacted with a handful of guys. I believe it gives me a picture though its not big. I put down in my blog to expand it and get an account. I believe in politics and in campus politics. If you read through the blog, you can get the smell of it. Or just ask any seniors of you. Specifying my name. Hope Nabeel(cse) can help you. But I didnt support what happens in college to any level. Its clearly because, it have nothing to do with politics. If you dont know what politics means, just check wiki my friend.I have a simple question to you. What should be or what are the main goals of a student political organization? Please tell me the answer and just compare the political activities of the organizations in our campus.Making riots and gang wars in the name of politics will never help it(this not only for one side for both the gangs).It finally leads to a simple situation of anarchy and autocracy. We have(had) enough freedom in our college. Misusing it will ultimately end up in nothing but losing it. Ours is a professional college and we all are supposed to be professionals. I never say a professional must be reluctant of his society. But just tell me what all you have done for the society or student community? The account of whether people getting beaten up or hosptalized never gives out any power for anyone other than the one created by terror. The primary fact to have a political scenario in any place is fair elections and just because of problems created by these gang wars, no elections are held in college for last two years. Will get back whenever possible,keep in mind, this post and the furthur discussion always welcomes you!!!

  14. Siraj Says:

    ok.. it depends on frm whr people hear the news..wat i heard is tht..this eee guy shabeeb send a “paper rocket writin mech name to d gals side”n tht sparkd the issue..

  15. Ahmed Says:

    well…i hav been readin dis blog since it startd..was thinkin dat i need not hav 2 rite a post here coz things wer pretty strait upto a certain extant…but since u people hav been divertin from d mian point i wld like 2 share some points whch hav gone un-notived or mayb was not brot into discussion cleverly…(??)fisrt of all abt d screening…dhyuthi registration form had reachd our college sum days bak d screenin date..nadil,naufal n shawn(al s7 ec-b) wer d first one 2 approach jabir sir(staff in charge) tellin dat dey r intrstd in d program n wish 2 take part also..n dey discusd abt bringin more people into for participation n jabir sir seein deir enthusiasm askd dem 2 giv publicity 2 dis program..followin dis dey did deir best 2 infrm evry1 n it been deir final yr n also since dey wer realy intrstd in conductin d program dey wer really workin hard…dey wer collectin names evn from jnr classes… well now d twist in d story comes…sum guys in d ec dept(d so cald friends..”n d invivible ksu leaders”)..s7 ec 2 b precise..dat includes u too ‘sunir’…went 2 d jnr classes n askd dem not 2 giv d names 2 any1 of dem but directly 2 jabir sir n blamed dem for playin poltics…(dis explains d involvment of politics 2 evry1 who speaks abt gang war here)…well naufal nadil n shawn wer suportrs but dnt think dey played open politics at any point durin d last 3 yrs…n 1 of d jnrs who was in d class exclaimed it more as a ‘BHEESHANI’ dan n advice..dat day aftr d classes dese same people had a very bad talk wt naufal n i guess nadil too was der(im not sure wedr nadil was der…just tryin 2 speak out d truth)…n blamed naufal for not informing “DEM” abt d program..n den d so cald “ROYALS” wr cald upon by dis team..s5 mech was der at dat time…dey wer just provokin dese couple of boys wt naufal n also askd not 2 go aftr dat program frm den onwards..had if sum1 hav not taken naufal from d place der wld hav been a fite at dat occasion itself..n also defntly naufal wld hav been in d hostl…nxt day since dey wer not ready 2 kneel b4 any1 dey workd more hard den d last days..n bliv me dey got around 300 names just for d screenin..n anodr intrstin thing is dat evry1 from s7 ec-b(dats naufal nadil n shawns class) had givn deir name for som or d odr evnts xept 2-3 of dem from d friends gang(ie.haris n shaheer, i think..not sure of shaheer…but haris defntly dint giv hs name){political}…so can just think how much dey hav workd for dis..jabir sir was informd n seein dis immense response he shiftd d screenin 2 d auditorium on friday at “9:30 am” whch odrwise wld hav taken place in d main seminar hall..dat day again aftr d classes dese same people again came 2 hava clash wt naufal n nadil..but dis time der wer more people wt naufal n nadil..n shawn did giv nice answers 2 riyazuddin( d leader of ksu as dey say..again political)…dey evn told dat dey wont let d program 2 take place..but den evry1 around favord naufal n nadil n blamed dese people for not allowin 2 conduct any sorts of programs in college…n also heard dat ‘sunir’ was in front of all dese issues(rite?..provokin dem..)..but naufal n nadil had jabir sirs word n dey just workd more n on thursday evnin between(4:30 n 6pm) dey got anodr 50 names frm d jnr gals for d d second twist…seein dat none of deir plans r workin d ‘friends’ changed deir plan…nxt day first thing dey did was change d screenin time from “9:30” to “10:30” with the help of mech..n jabir sir cldnt resist 2 deir pressure(BHEESHANI)…he wantd 2 conduct d program sumhow..coz he did really work for dis too..n d time was extendd..nxt thing was riyazuddin,sunir n team did was go 2 all classes(mosty jnr clases ie. s1n2 and s3) n infrm dem dat “DEY” hav changed screenin time 2 10:30 for dem n dat intrstd people can go registr evn now…gud thing dey did..but was d intention rite??..dey dint want naufal n team 2 bag d full credit of d show..(jealousy or political?)..must hav thot deat dey shld also leav deir mark for d program..guess u people can undrstand(political)…anodr thing haris n shaheer who evn reamind bak from givin deir name for screenin was in full swing now(poli.) words 2 explain wat was der in deir mind..d program strtd well..was goin on well..d auditorium was filld wt more people den expectd..d mornin session went well i guess(i was in d class room)..aftrnun session strtd..(n i d gone der since i was havin my projct intrstd n since nadil n naufal askd me 2 i was stayin wt jabr sir helpin him out d mike point..but not holdin d mike since ‘sunir’ never put it down evn though der wer a couple of jnr gals who wer specially appointd wt dis single job{publicity stunt?? of d colleg was present der})..apart from sum mech studnts makin makin trouble evrythin was well..dey wantd 2 registr deir events den n der evn thiough registratin was closd.. jabir sir did allow dat too( i was der at dat time..n dis was takin place in front of i can speak abt mattr watever is gona happn 2 me).. at d same time anthakshari competition was takin place in d seminar comes shabeeb..n im ritin d evnts as explaind by naufal n shabeeb..shabeeb was der conductin d anthakshari along wt naufal n sum was conductd in a written manner..der wer many makin evry1 sing was not a questionair was prepared d participants wer askd 2 answer dem..2 membrs in a team..sum studnts from d ‘royals’ wer also participating..well d staff in charge was sum sir from d mech dept..n seems like naufal came 2 know dat ‘royals’ will b getin d answer sheet aftr evry1 leavs d hall from d sir..n den dey can submit deir answers…(real royalism) …he informd dey made sure dat nothin like dat hapnd..dey dint leav d hall aftr d test..but waitd for d ‘royals’ 2 leav d hall..made sure dat dey dint get d answers..n guess ‘royals’ too came 2 know dis(startin of grudge?)…dis is as explaind by shabeeb n naufal n did confirm wt a neutral guy..he was also asistin dem…@ d same time in d auditorium..sum gals participatin for “NADNAPAATU”..teasd n howld very much by evry1..nxt was “ROYALS” turn..saalam samjad on team…d gals treatd dem d same way…wel d “Royals” paid bak for dis in royal style..went 2 d place wer gals wer sittin n den total theries(pachcha theri 2 b specific)…well dats d “ROYALS” hav startd showin deir royalism again..n it was den shabeeb came 2 d auditorium..2 groups wer formd n “ROYALS” n “CHOPPERS” cheering..der was sort of commorsion..n by d time i reachd der it was solvd..( i was at d mike point)..came bak..soon der was again problem der..wen i reachd der i cld c shabeeb lyin on d floor “ROYALS” beatin him up like anythin..(chavittikootuka 2 b xact)..also saifuddeen n anshid(both eee) wer also beatn up..cldnt just stand der watchin dis..tried 2 stop dem n pull out shabeeb..was unsuccessfull..evn i was beatn up..lost my specs,id card, n a u can imagine..n nxt thing i did was go 2 d princi..n told hm evrythin..shabeeb came der aftr sum time..wt arshad..n came 2 know dat he was again beatn up in d bathroom wen he was taken der 2 clean d blood from his face..n agaian in front of d auditorium wen he was taken out…he den latr went 2 library..was sittin der untill he was brot 2 d office..gav d complaint n he was taken 2 d hospitl..n aftr dat i d gone home..came 2 know nxt day dat i got a case..was expectin dat anyhow..also shabeeb n anshid(did expect dat too)…but den d nxt names astoishd me..NAUFAL N NADIL also was charged(for conductin d program???…real ROYALISM)..dey r all placed n now deir future is in trouble..hav 2 face al dis for conductin d program..??…..guess siraj is also placed…wat wld hav u done if u wer in such a situation??…n did ask abt dat paper plane incidnet many gals..cldnt find 1 who saw dat plane..also herd dat it was mech who had thron dat comments on dat as im not sure of dat..herd of d hostl attack on sunday..n herd dat evn d msf guys wernt sure who was responsible for dat attack n was blabberin in front of shabbes fadr durin d compromise meeting..n sfi was not just strikin for beatin up shabeeb alone..was 2 take action against dose people who wer makin constant troubles in n outised college…few days bak sabah(s5 it) was beatn up by d same team..also ufais…a gang of around 50 beatn him up in front of teachrs n no action against any1 of dem?? u see anything rite der sunir??…just dont blaaber around if u dnt know d correct issues…also dyfi had cum 2 assist coz shamseer n “ROYALS” hav made trouble 2 locals too..priyan(auto driver) n shamsu(icpc)…dese issues wer der evn in d newspapers..nxt abt dyfi beatin up d hostlrs..well d locals did find d tools on d way 2 hostl..(not dyfi or sfi)..dey informd d police..but police was reaminin dyfi people came into action n askd d police 2 do wat was needed..n dey had 2 listn..coz dey r from d rulin side..n didnt any1 c d news flashes in tv abt d police raid n gettin 3 sacks of tools from dere(well i did c coz i was sittin at home dat day..means i was not a part of d strike)…..meanwile..raashid(sfi activist from edappal) was beatn up by arund 30 msf guys in front of d hostl main gate..all d dyfi people rushd 2 d scene..n dey wer greeted wt stones by d msf people in hostl..sum of dem got injurd in dis..suresh babu a dyfi membr stayin near hostl was also beatn up…n herd da he vomitd blood..was immediatly taken 2 trichur medical college..police had 2 lathi charge..n many of d hostlrs wer beatn up…(well did feel hapy for dis..was shown in tv too..d flash news)..more dyfi people came dat bike..n did wat dey can do..coz dey did get sum n was payin bak in d same way…dint feel dat was sumthin rong dat dey did..wel..dat was all dat i d heard..n since i wasnt der at d place cant say anythin more on wat happnd..but wat happnd finally was really astonishin..suspension for arshad n myslef..well no idea y i ws suspended…(for sittin at home??)…just guess on whose side d management is…??….

  16. Ahmed Says:

    well..i dnt think studnt politics in m.e.s is goin in d rite way…management is playin a very clever part..if deir main aim now is 2 destroy sfi in m.e.s den deir nxt plan will b 2 eliminate msf…n clean d campus out of politics…conductin d program wt just 2 teachrs in charge inside d auditorium is d main point..evry1 is quite aware of d think on dat..finally dey suspendd studnt from both sides…again its studnts politics dats gona fail..evry1 just thnk on wats been goin on..

  17. jinsbond007 Says:

    hi ahmed thank you for your details on what happened on friday. I think it was better to make a post, as it took me around an hour to read the whole stuff and the details you put is worthy enough and as far as i know, is not published anywhere. I was not able to get into the details of whats happening my blog for sometime, as i was busy with my work. had no way to collect more details and expected someone to put it up here, thank you once again for that.As far as I am concerned, what I believe is what its going on in the MES campus is not politics, I will call it only gang war. Always the end of a gang war is destruction of both parties. Here the intention of the college administration as far as I know is the same. There must be some aim for any politics of gang, other than beating the enimies and they must be able to uplift that. As far as i know, no groups or gangs in MES have never put forward any agenda other than beating others and showing off. What I don’t like is, a fight between two gang of students, coming paper as like a fight between the student wings of two parties, just because they claim to be part of that, without having any ideological similarities in activities.Politics has a meaning, related to administration and welfare. As far as no fractions in our college is ready to accept that, i am not going to brand them as political parties or candidates. I like to see the college having a good place in the map of one of the best professional colleges. We have(or i will say had! we used enjoy lot freedome when we were there) enough freedom there, why not that to be used for some good purposes?I appreciate the effort took by people to conduct something at college!!! It is a positive move anyway, irrespective of any hidden intentions anyone can stamp on it!!!

  18. akosoto Says:

    I am a member of first batch from your college. The funny part is most of the terms like “ROYAL MECH”and the names and incidents are similar to what used to happen in 94-98. We had a mahabharatha udham between royal mech and ee +AI combined at that time. Adichu marikkooo. Veruthe padich samayam kalyaruthu. Gundu undakki angottum ingottum erinju kalikkooo makkale. 🙂

  19. sunir Says:

    @ahmedi realy don kno who u r buddy.and i do wana make corrections to wt u posted..dhyuti n screenin, y wer naufal and nadil beatin abt de bush? tat wasnt politics..k..leav tat..they were in de juniors class explainin tat de progm is being conducted by sfi n tat ders no such ting as udsf in de campus..and aftr all, accept de fact tat f.r.i.e.n.d.s. is no one man unit..and our support n strength at de moment is nearly 90% of de college..had electns been der, we wud hav provd tat..and dis support 4 friends hav come aftr hard toil dude..and wen ur so cald nadil n noufal gets intrstd in screening of programs, wt made u tink we wer witot balls n wud watch tings lik we wer dumbheads..and one more quetion..who is dis naufal n nadil?..der prior experiences at arts screening..din c dem 4 any evnts b4..eligibility?and we neve went into 1&2 clasez wid ur so cald beeshanis..we did inform 1&2 classes tat de progrm is being conducted by jabir sir and names have 2 be reported 2 jabir sir n not 2 students..tat was wid de permission of jabir sir and tat too, we informed it in classes infront of teachers during class cut the crap dude n make sure u hav de facts b4 shittin out here.and mike evnts..myself holdin onto de mike..jabir sir peronalyy askd me 2 do de hostin coz i had been de master of ceremony for various evnts b4 all kerala congress, aece associations, inaugurations,farewell function 4 hameed sir..for all oders readin de post, don tink am boastin..its juz a reply 2 bring abt a bettr guy thn me for hostin and i will oblige..get tat dude..and i do wana kno de great replies shawn n team gv riyasudeen..and may i remind u tat riyasudeen was de main reason for de onam celbrtns and its dude, go home n come up wid more bettr stories..and one more point..participants of f.r.i.e.n.d.s. won de mhyme evnt, de western dance evnt ..tat is frm de progrms conducted..we showd wt we are made up of tat day..betr luk nex time dude..

  20. sunir Says:

    @zuhairwell said dude..i don kno whom u wer mentionin abt in s7..leav tat..but we all kno tat no one in mes is playin politics coz of party sneham..its juz a cover for cases n for decisions of managements against us which is neccessay in self financin colleges..and ur incident, no one can justify wt hapend wid u..and we as seniors regret tat..but lettin u guys 2 f8 ovr de issue wud juz sicken de issue..hope u remembr wt hapnd between us n our juniors durin tuk time 4 wounds 2 heal tat wer not physical..politics in campus is juz 4 show off dude..we r supporters of ksu-msf coz we hav friends in tat group..personally who wud want to work 4 some parties lik de congress n cpim whom are themselve not stable..and as i said b4..when ego sets in, u loose control of emotions and thn de brain stops functionin n ur devil side is unmasked..taz whn we 4get tat we r social hapens wid all of us..u me n evryone..we r lucky we juz hav monyhs one ting dude..if uve a gud class, make a gang of urselves n njoy..tat way u get 2 live de lif u want..

  21. Siraj Says:

    @ ahmed i gss its ahmed riza rt?..well u and sunir hav given a good account of wat hadhappened.. and lots of contradicting statementstoo..!!now pointing few things which u hav said..u said naufal n nadil was the first persons to hav theidea n proceed with it..can u tell me.. wat was thr eligibility for doing soby their own.. r they some rep of class,, studentchairman or secreatry of any association??i would ask the same question if sunir or riyaz arethe onez who are the question will b what was the primaryintention of nadil n noufal(i dont knw these two inperson,so plz dnt take it personal)if it was to organizing a program and only that thisthings wont hav happened in the campus..see while i was in the college i was a friendssupporter.. you all knws tht.. but it was only due topersonal attatchments.. n nothing to do with anypolitical parties.. coz i havn gone for a single partymeeting or anythng in which party name i was talkin abt their intention.. was it to onlyorganizing a programme n bring a little life to ourcollege life or smthng else??see.. their will b people who r capable of organizingthngs.. but first they hav to get approved the rtway.. frm the students.. not masters.. who cares..them!they shud hav made an open talk to the other sidepeople.. shall we??its not bending ur head.. if organizing was theintention.. the open talk shud hav taken place..else.. tho if their intentions was rt.. i say they rresponsible for whole this!!i can talk abt ths aspect since i was the chairman ofour cse dept stdnt association for nearly 2 yrs..and i loved organizin thngs.. hope u havent forgottentht i helped u in ur s3 tour isnt riza? 🙂 so..ask anyone.. whthr i played groupism with maposition..take jinesh the owner of this blog, orsuhail,shinto.. we wre a team in organizng thngs.. iam nt naming all.. bt aagneya the biggst ofeverythng.. under mestech..!!our strngth was we made it sure to hav a open talk withany rebels moving out of the progrmme.. on wateverdecision we take.. n ask their opinions too..{tho by the association there is no need for takin thtstep.. }{once we took tht issue to HOD, he said.. tell them to get lost!! n u carry on wth ur plans.. but we knew wat had to b done!}n so.. do u knw thr was no one unhappy with theproceedings.. instead if we had tried to show off.. ndidnt mind our back.. the things wud hav been diff!!n thts y thy had no prob in gvn tht postion to me..they were sure i wont use ma position for anythng else n misuse..tho i had my own stand thts f.r.i.e.n.d.s!!

  22. Ahmed Says:

    yup..its riza here..@ siraj”can u tell me.. wat was thr eligibility for doing soby their own.. r they some rep of class,, studentchairman or secreatry of any association??”…d answer is dey r studnts of our college..just luk at ur mentality on askin such a question??..only if dey wer sum sort of leaders dey had elgibility 2 do do sumthn like dat..??…dey wer not conductin n association program or d union or colege day..i agree wt wateva u hav ritten on d later portion…but dis 1 sentence spoild evrythng…n i feel quite ashamed on u ritin sumthn like a college wer der hav been no programs odr den d association programs(whch wer radr boring) for d last 1 n half yrs if any1 cums up wt such n idea people automatically corporates wt mattr whose conductin matter if it was riyaz, sunir or if it wer d red hearts..but wat did ‘friends’ do??..instead of corporatin dey tried 2 make issues in d beginnin..nadil did cum2 me aftr d 1st issue n askd me 2 go to d classes n tell dem dat dis program hav nothin 2 do wt sfi n dat it was purely condctd by d college..n i regret 4 not giving such a statemnt… d pulse of d college was anyways in favor of conductin d program…guess friends realizd it at d last moment..n from friday mornin onwards riyaz,sunir n team wer corporating..dey wer der for all d help..wt habir sir..did naufal n nadil askd dem not 2 help jabir sir..??dey wer quite happy dat things wer goin like dat..coz deir main aim was 2 go 2 trichur engg college..dey sumhow wantd d program 2 go on..if riyaz n sunir had cum n told naufal n nadil n tld dem dat dey wld aslo do sumthin 2 conduct d program den dey wld hav been more happy..dey wernt reluctant at all in sharin d works..n dats y shafeek vattappilly(s7 cse) did all d workings in d cs n it dept…wen riyaz n team came wt issues it was only he who stud for d program n for nadil n naufal..n imediatly nadil went n askd him 2 take care of d cse dept…n now do u think if dey wer playin politics dey wld hav done dat??…n shafeek was der wt naufal n nadil wt evrything..if u dnt knw dat sunir go ask shaeefk….evn he is ur suportr…only if u people had givn up wt ur ego n did wat u wer doin from friday mornin sum 2 days bak..things wld hav been difrnt…(but evn den i wld say dat it was complete show off dat u guys wer doin)…n guess who r d trouble makers here siraj..well i feel u must hav analysed d problems once more b4 statin sumthin over here..i bet u must hav askd sunir n ritten all dose things based on his explanations…well if u happn 2 c d comments in d community in orkut abt decidin d best team(ali-vamsi-nibin shamseer-saddam-shameem) n read his comments u can know more abt sunir n how provokin his words r..moreover naufal nadil n shawn went 2 jabir sir 2 enquir abt d program…not 2 conduct dem..seems like naufal n nadil hav sum friends in tcr engg dey hav infrmd dem abt dis event..n sumhow dey wantd 2 get sum duty leavs n go njoy der…so dey wer just lukin up on sum way 2 get der..n it endd up in jabir sir askin dem 2 giv sum publicity 2 dis program..n dey did wat dey cld do..dats it..well i wld like 2 ask u siraj on wat u wld do if u wer givn such a chance..??…n finally dey endd up in gettin a police case 2 deir name..i d gone for dhyuthi since it was leav fr us n hava lot of freinds der..n nadil too had cum..on d first day he was sittin wt his hands on his head wen it was all fun goin around…he was just sad dat our college cldnt participate in any evnts..n wat he did nxt was call evry1 who had givn names n ask dem wedr dey wer intrstd in participatin anymore..but d answer ws negative in most of d cases..but he did make a couple of dem participate in sum events..remembr anodr thing dat he had told me..he d askd us 2 compromise wt friends n y dnt v guys conduct a program togedr??…need any more explanations on wat deir intentions wer??

  23. Ahmed Says:

    to sunir”they were in de juniors class explainin tat de progm is being conducted by sfi n tat ders no such ting as udsf in de campus..”wondrin wer u r getin all dese stuffs from..just try 2 name or produce sum1 from d jnr class who had said dis..still dnt knw how u r able 2 make such unworthy comments..nadil n naufal dint hav any use on tellin all dose stuffs.. n abt dat 90% stuff..guess eidr ur maths is poor(now dnt tell me dat u r full pass n placed as u told d jnrs wile campainin!!!) or sum percent of dat must hav lied 2 u coz of fear..not fear for u..but dat u may call d royals n infrm abt dis..anyways u dnt hav d guts 2 beat dem up or do anythin like dat rite..(?)..its always u guys who makes d trouble n d royals 2 fite for..still dnt know how dese mech guys r copin up wt peole like u..d mike issue..jabir sir had made a list of volunteers..n i was talkin abt dem..wen did u cum into screen??..on friday mornin rite?…n i cant bliv dat jabir sir(a teachr from mba) wld hav attendd ece dept programs..or was it like u goin as a comparer for d mba dept programs??…nevr told dat u r a bad comparer..but wer der so many programs cndctd in our coleg n dept?..”n wat do u maen by master of d ceremonies”..comparin just dosnt mean dat u r condctin evrythin..still remembr how sheen rajesh n all workd for d satge committee for d last association program..deir work includd stage decaration n stuff..arangin d wer done on d previous nite..dint c any1 of u friends or d “mastr” atleast wen dey wer doin all dose things…bt d nxt day u guys well r d mike..wt d fud all places wer show off was guaranteed..can u tell me 1 place wer u giys weer workin wer der was no show off involvd…n abt eligibilty of naufal n nadil conductin d program..dey wer into dis field b4 u strtd holdin d mike in our college..dey had workd from d first yr wt union..for d colleg day n arts day in d first yr..also durin d second yr..regardin association programs..naufal was d head of sum committee durin “tryst”..hope u rem wat tryst is now..n can u point out any program in our dept wtout dem corporating???…try 2 speak sensibe atleast from now onwards.. now abt riyazddin..well d onam celbration was condctd by nss..shabeed was d secretary den..amar n jipson(s3 eee) wer d main cordinators along wt sivanand(former secretary,mca)…aslo i was der wt dem from d beginnin..well i was d secretary b4 shabeed..n myslf n shabeed had gone 2 d princi for d approval of dis program..riyasuddin came into scene just 2-3 days b4 dis program..n v hav been planin on dis a couple of weeks bak..n dint c him for d meetin anytime aftr d onam celeb too..did any1 in d above said list infrm u or any of ur followers dat he was d main reason for d success of d onam celebration..??or did d nss program officer say? if ur answr is dat d studnts told i wld like 2 giv zuhair a chance..ofcourse he was der wt us…but dint c him for any odr programs of nss..(dint cum coz der was no chance of publicity??)…plzzz think twice b4 u rite sumthn frm d nxt time onwards…n i wld b happy if zuhair wld giv n account of wat happnd on dat day n wat dese fridns did…well d best thing i found on dat day d 2nd yrs..dats zuhairs batch wer havin a nice time..but neidr riyazuddin nor d friends wer d reason for dat..left 2 u zuhair for d replies..

  24. jinsbond007 Says:

    sorry,Though the blog is mine, i was not able to follow the replies correctly. I am subscribed to comments and its redirected to my mail, but i didn’t even get enough time to read through. Anyway i am lot happy that students at our college are interested in having a discussion on the different stance of them. I hope they will take enough courage to have a critical look back to the happenings at college. @ahmedThe question Siraj asked is a genuine doubt anyone will ask, as its not easy to conduct programs in our college without the branding of some association, and its wise to do so for a large extend.Thanks anyway for clearing the doubt. Just take it as a genuine doubt. I used to work with organizing lot of stuff in college, not any cultural stuff, but technical as a part of dept. activities and related to Free Software activities in and around the district. We also conducted some extra curricular activities related to the Literary and Debate Club of our institute.As far as I know, there are many people, co operates with any program, many will be having varying intentions. The best way to organize a program successfully is to, take care of the intentions carefully and manage them perfectly. In our college’s case, its tough to satisfy everyones intentions,so good management skills are needed to conduct a program successfully(which means, getting it done till the end without any troubles). Siraj’s question is just on basis of this matter, and a lot of thanks for explaining how nadil and naufal got involved in the program. About the other stuff related to percent of support and all, i don’t that doesn’t have anything to do related to what we discuss here. The discussion over here is not about the support of any gang in college, and since no elections or anything haven’t been conducted for two years, because of the fights between gangs, i think none have the right to speak about support. Everybody please don’t get excited about the gangs while writing and write your personal opinion to the maximum possible. Just think of what all are we losing because of these fights, to a large extent, even the future of students are getting into trouble. I hope that now all of you agree that, nothing happening in the college are part of any politics, and just fights between gangs. Next what we can think of is how to get rid of these(i have no hope to entirely wipe off any groups or anything). Means, how to reduce the settling of scores and other problems to themselves, without affecting any program or functioning of college. Having gangs and rivalry are part of college life, i never say that one should be just studying when we are in college. We must make merry, we must chill out, must make troubles, but there is something we should never forget, its not only that we have to do in college. I like to point out one more thing, anything organized at college must be under some banner, like a dept. or inter dept. organization or any similar things. There are more than enough technical and non technical organizations there i believe. Also, there must be some people with good vision in their works to organize stuff. Its not easy to have something like that. I will post more details when I have time, I know many of you will be having difference of opinion with me, so just feel free to point out those things and bring suggestions in front. A discussion of 10 people cant do anything, so urge your friends also to join the discussions. Anyone who like to give their opinion is to be welcomed. I like ones with radical thought, but i am not in support of ones who blindly follow something. Getting into streets and fight is the last solution of everything, those who lodge police complaints against students, please understand, how difficult is the life in outside world, and what all a police complaint can do to the life of one. Whatever we do in the college, for fun will remain as a mark in our memory, but we will be assessed outside by the some other factors, like, academic excellence, management capabilities extra curricular interests and all.So none please don’t try to make the four years at college something you have to regret later on! Getting placed or gaining more marks or having lot of friends is not enough, must know how to survive in a competitive world. Our college is able to give a lot of lessons, try to learn from them. I learned a lot from college, it helped me a lot in the last 6 months, so people, let us discuss over the issues and more than finding who is responsible, we must think why it so, and how we can avoid it later. The problem who is difficult and it never solves any trouble. But why and how solves a lot of problems. Hope you all got my words. Sorry for posting such a big comment. Also urge your friends also to post their opinions and suggestions.cheers

  25. Rahmath Says:

    hey guys…!!!i was busy little so couldnt post..!!ha it seems everythin just shortened back to one single program…!!!all r intrested in talkin abt it…!!i think most of it started just like this…!!!but remeber every one has the right to do and belive what he thinks is right…but nw in mes it seems only so called “Royal” or mech dept decides what others should do..!!n some little kids like sunir who just got big mouth n as zuhair said when it matters “mashiyittu nokiyal kanilla” teams r there to promote them. all thease issues begin when others out side de royal gang does or paln anythin they rush in to create problems..!!!if sunir said was right(90%):) he dint have to try his level best to prevent people registering…!!n bro dont forget for the past 4 yrs u people were telling the same 90% stuff…n when election gets over…u all the 9 and only ‘0%’remains.coz seeing u 50 member gang they may be silent but when they get chance to screw u in elections they do that…!! i dint see any one commenting about de mangemnts role in worsening this issue…!!”ITS A MANGEMENT SPONSERD GUNDAYISAM”GOIN ON in mes..!for all those so called frend “gangsters”once sfi is wiped out from mes, ur fate is no diffrent,n u might think y SFI is tortured first..than ksu!!!coz ‘TIGER’ n ‘CAT’ may be from same family but r not of same range…!!danger one is removed first.and de mangemnts know if true politics come in to college, its a threat to mangemnt, so they try their level best to make it violent politics so as we saw many post they get a lot of supporters to ban politics in campus…!!!but its too cheap to tie both sides in same rope as every one knows who are the trouble makers,but all fake to be impartial n critisise both…!!!it seems no body is botherd about what zuhair told abt ragging…!!hey F.r.i.e.n.d.s is this de way you get 90% support…????the way he described what he got is sickening its a shame to mes..!!!n i dont blame him for not telling de teachers as till nw not single guy has been warned or suspended from this college, if it had happen i dont think so called FRIENDS or ROYALS will exist nw.hopt who ever knows ‘vamsi krishna’ knows what happend to him when his father complained to police n principal about raggin he got.

  26. sunir Says:

    @ rizahi dude..coz personally we don speak n taz been nearly 2 years now. thnx 2 dis blog, we get an oppurtunity to atleast confront..”master of ceremony(MC) is not head of progrms..its juz anoder title for host”..and i neve meant tat..beatin up of shabeeb, personaly.i don find a cauz..but whn u luk bk 2 wt hapend 2 danny..our juniors find xcuses..and if u mention wt hapend to u,and all tat beatin u got..ur very friends retorted real bad whn onz i cald dem up showin concern 4 u..i know u wont belev it..but dude, u kno hw we’ve been till s3..all tat tours n stuff..i’ve alwaz told ya tat party n stuff can be fun. but tat doent mean tat guys frm de same clas has 2 keep aloof frm each oder..n i am sad ovr tat..not abt oders in de clas.i don giv a fuk abt dem, but u n nibul..incidents of dhyuthi..u kno wt naufal n team wer telin in junior clasez..tat was de only reason y we intervened. they evn mentiond tat udsf supporters of ece are shit heads n tat only de so cald nadil n naufal have been placd.n stuff lik tat.and their intentions..juz conductin de progrm.!! taz hard 2 belev.and juz go thru de incidents on mondaz strike..jasiq and ajmal were beaten up in de bus..juniors maqbool n rashid got beaten up..we were nearly caught by dem frm edapal..if its retaliation for campus fights remembr tat all these incidents had a root cause which was shameem gettin torn up at de rly station..n ma comments on ali n nibin..taz 4 wt dey did 2 n8 b4 shameem got beatn up, whn u guys came 2 de hostell, shamem was nowere near de scene..hw cud u justify tat?now if ur gona leav it sain politics, well tat isnt a healthy reply..but am happy 4 wat tuk plaz 2day..compromise meetin..and a joint venture for conductin de progrms..taz a gud solution 4 tings 2 wind up..we juz hav monts remainin in de wud be bettr if we all work 2gether.

  27. sunir Says:

    @alii don kno wt ur prob is dude..i don kno u personally n if its tat personal comment on u in de poll, i will tak it bak.coz uve been long hangin arnd..wt u guys did while u wer arnd in campus can neve be justified.u guys wer de real reasons for the uprisal of udsf in mesce.had it not been 4 u guys, we wudnt hav got boosted up..and in de process we lost some gud friends too.n thoz coments “mashiyitaal…”read it properly n whom it is intended live a bettr lif buddy..a piece of advice..neve sit in a train with ur bak 2wards the motion of de train.u get 2 c only whts gone by..luk ahead dude..n if its politics ur intrstd in, lemme tell u a fact tat ders no one in de campus workin 4 a of now probs r gettin settled..ask ur sfi friends in campus,,they will tell u de ituation rit now. coz we hav evrytin 2 loose..not someone who posts sometin sittin out somewer miles sayonara dude..

  28. sunir Says:

    at de end of de day, no matter wt probs students do…only a few get suspended n are charged wid cases..whetr it be riza, shamsheer or sojo..i do mention sojo coz he was in de exam hall while de strike was goin on..he too got suspended..same reasons as riza..shamsheer diddnt beat shabeeb.y was he convicted?sojo didnt beat daaku..n priyan wasnt hit by any of de was de locals who hit him..and sojo was convicted in tat case too.. so all is well tat ends well..its high time most of us realise tat, tat whn probs r 4 us, we hav only ourselves 2 chek our baks..

  29. zuheir Says:

    then about the recnt mech n non mech prob…its lyk mech guyz all hate me sayin tht i am an sfi supporter..1st of all therz no base in tht…thn therz a guy named raith or wreath ..wateva…unheard minnow of mech…all on a suddn he got mech spirit…dunno hu injctd tht…hu cares…hehecomin to point…i was in ritzy tht night…i was havin fud alone as i din lyk the fud in MH tht day..while i was havin fud..i saw ma buddies of EEE(s3) havin fud paid by 3 juniors…i jus went to thm n met the juniors..of the 3 juniors ..1 was 4m mech.. this so calld WREATH came out of no where n askd the mech junior to go back…n askd them to take treat 4m other juniors..ther strtd verbal mild way..raith(WREATH) said tht only mech seniors got the ryt to rag mech juniors…averkenthe kombundo??? ma s3 EEE buddies got raged hearin tht wrdz 4m him..they said all seniors can rag all juniors..i was watchin all these.. i feard tht it wud bcum wrse…so i walkd to them n askd them move away…n said EEE guyz to leav the matter… i paid ma bill n went bak to hostel…this fraud WREATH went n told to hostel tht i said to him…i will show u 4m hostel… i said tht mech cant do anythin n all…the fact is tht i jus stopd a fyt ..thts it..i dint utter a wrd to tht mech fraud…wen i reachd MH..i hardly rem tht..coz i wasnt part of it…in the corridor…mech guyz got me alone…i thot ther wer to ask sumthin…but they had plannd to attack me…all ma frnz were asleep then..i askd them to cum 1 on i can giv atleast a counter attack..hearin these noise…all ma EC..EEE n AEI buddies came to ma support..n MH s3 split into 2..mech n non mech..if fyt strtd…presnt s3 none wud b ther…coz we wer 140 n they wer 60/// shameem knew abt it…n came to the scene..he knew tht if fyt strtd …his mech side will lose n their support will b lost…he was supportin them thru out… he said..go 4 compromise n all to me…y such a biasd game??r v servants??thn riyasuddeen came another commnt wich creatd rage among ma frnz…thn how cum all say tht MH is united??is this the way unity is… due to shameems pressure..i agreed 4 compromise..never wishd though..he gave me word tht mech wont create such prob again.. guyz do say…is ts justice??is this true trial??who made him as judge…naturally he will support his juniors only..judge got to b neutral…WORLD IS ROUND GUYZ…or in plain language…ball will not stay in 1 court 4 looonng…it will move to other court as well..hmm..lets wait 4 a peaca n calm MES wit overall justice to all… the condition of MH is lyk wearin gud shirt outside wit dirty n stinkin innerwear…

  30. jinsbond007 Says:

    @Zuheir,Thanks for your views. I just wanna more people to come over and share their experiences and views. To take revenge or not, its your wish, I have no comments on it, so far you are confident that, it will not affect anyone other than you and the ones you have troubles. Just don’t allow other to extrapolate the issues and make a big bubble out of such personal fights!!!About the MH, when I was there, it had a lot of unity and there were no big partitions. There were incidents, were people got beaten up, got problems and all, but not big ones, or we tried maximum to reduce the problems. Now from your words, i dont think the situation is that quiet(I am not forgetting the hell lot fightings happened,but all used to stand united for a single cause).@rehmath ali,The stand of management will be biased, since their priority is to reach the standard of other self financing colleges in discipline. We can’t easily make the management think differently, but we can try to change ourselves. About the fights, there is one thing i usually see, many truly innocent guys got beaten up a lot, from danny to the eee guy who got beaten up on the last incident. It was always a small problem, which makes people to beat up these guys, which then comes to explanation becomes a big issue!!!I will never say any group have majority in college, the majority in college thinks in a neutral way, and most of the voting and stuff in the election as its class based, happens on basis of personal choice. Never take the election results are based on the group they represent!!! For a majority, there is no difference if any group gets majority, they just wanna see the college running smooth!!!I hope to see more and more people come up with their views, and answers to the questions in front of us all!!! As Zuheir said, all must be given a chance to know whats actually happening around them. Here once again I am saying all are having equal freedom to tell anything, but hope you keep the gentlemen spirit of a discussion!!!

  31. Rahmath Says:

    @ sunir..!!yeah bro even me dnt know u really..!!but knows u tryin to be de next ‘sreejith’ a guy who was there wen we were ther…!!!fox type dude…!!nw fights hurt u people ha…!!coz three of ur people got suspended…!!!bro frankly speakin i dunno abt jojo but i certainly know de other two do they deserve 2 be in college nw..???ny wayz dont worry bro mangement wont through u people so fast..!ha i knw now u people are runnin for compramise its not de first tim this same happening…!!when ufais s4 it got hurt u guys called sfi guys and comprmised and when poor sfins withdrew cases against you u hit de same with in a month and forced his parents to keep him home for 1 yr.and about mashiytial stuff…!!i ws with ur batch almost two yrs and a hell lot fight took place neva so u…n nw still fiht goes on still urnt there but u post comments n all orkut n else were as if u did everythin..!!yeah may be there is no people with real political mind in ur side but i certainly knows many who really are politicians..!!yep, i herd ur leader voted for sfi in de senet election…???y was that..????@zuhair..!!!talkin a lot about raggin stuff n all will do nothin for ya…!!!i apreciate ur gutts but i think its too late nw ur s4 i guess..!!u shuld have given a try to brig those basterds to law..!!but u neva tried for it nor ur friends.but even when we knew u, u neva told us too…!!may be as u said u dont like political workers…!!was there any non political people there to help you..!remeber no other guys without any politics are gonna c u cries…!!u may meet some people quiet and frendly and most of them are eighter workers of SKSSF, S.I.O, or MSN..and bro its more worse in tamil nadu n karnataka were this politics is banned…!!atleast in kerala raggin is low to a certain extend…!!i proudly tell u some thin one of our comrade ‘saidaly’ was killed just coz he tried to save few girls who were ragged by the seniors…!!!and if any college were raggin is low there will be strong politcal work goin on..!!bro about mangement between sea and devil bro do u really think they dont do ny thin to sfi..????all those sfi guys left college was wen CPIM ruling goin on…!!u said about so many people raggin u… i dint c any sfi workers name and if they ragged u, u should have directly told to those in charge and he would have got what he deserved..!!@ jinsbond..!!! i really agree with u till some extend but about comparing daniel and sahbeeb,saifu,anshid is nt good…!!i think u betta meet danny personally and ask him y he was beaten up..???plz dont listen to what others say..!!and u may say he dint do big stuffs to get injured badly…reaction always wont be de same range…!!!and about saifuddin,anshid,shabeeb u too go and meet them…!!! u will know y they were beaten up…!!!i know fightin is int solution to all..!!but when ur lyf is in danger u gotta react..!!!

  32. jinsbond007 Says:

    @rehmathIts nice to see you all in the discussion, in anyway, i don’t know why danny got beaten up, but as far as i know, he is a pavam guy. If you can explain the things, it will be better. Anyway, if reasons were there, just pass it own man, sharing information best, at least people like me can know what happened. If you know reasons just tell me, why should you make me go and ask danny!!!The politics you speak of, the one which protects students is needed. I don’t know how much activities of the kind is going on in the college. Also I don’t get the logic of the degree of reaction, for me all comes to college for studying, politics and similar activities and things happening in our college are extra curricular. If so any activities which asks people keep away from studies is not good at all. Any gangs or groups which are ready to think about the after effects a little is always good. Any move to wipe away any one else is not the method of democracy. All have equal chance to live and express the feelings.I will write down more when i have time, but i am a little bit busy now a days, i am writing in between my work, so if anything confuses you all, dont worry to ask!!!

  33. Siraj Says:

    @ riza!!hope readin ma comments agen & the explanation gvn by a post later as y a ordinary person say so.. made u understand y i said so.. n even nw i stick on to it..i am nt makin anothr post as tht will agen deviate the blog.. thanks!!

  34. sunir Says:

    @zuhairdon hav ur cell no..taz y dis post.ur comments are now turnin into kind of listen dude.if ur not afraid of anyone, confront dem. i don think posts in a blog is gona do anytin gud.and ur comments tat hostels masked by a clean shirt and stuff..ur juz givin a bad image 2 a plaz wer we all live.and no one in de hostell tinks so except u..ders been misunderstandings..i personally hav askd ur batch mates regardin dis n they were all thru wid dis..n ur comments on shameem gettin scard and stuff..tat too of a handful of u guys..tat gives me lafs dude..shameem tried 2 solve de prob.and anyone wud hav done tat..u hav frustrations…go show it to de people u have..and comments on de hostell n stuff.juz remebr one is alwas united n tat we showd whn dyfi tried 2 march mattr wat probs a piece of advice..u mentioned some names above rit..go confront dem personally..and stop ur comments on de hostell. u don lik de hostell, juz get out..i told ur lif de way u want. no onz gona hav probs wid tat.i hope u get de point.

  35. sunir Says:

    @rahmath alifights are no solutions for probs..ufais gettin beatn f8 strtd coz ufais hit saalam under de eyes wid a pen givin him 2 stitches rit under de eye..y arnt dese mentioned here? n wts wid u if tings are gettin of now ders been a decision to conduct a progrm by both de mid of jan..we juz wana hav progrms in de campus.collegz been too dry for 2 years now..n any compromise is a welcome..and i hope personal comments to each oder are not neccessary coz taz not de point of discuusion.if i am to be humiliated by all those,i had remind u tat its not doin any good in ur attempts dude.

  36. sabah Says:

    am sabah S5 IT…am a “active” supporter of SFI MESCE unit. and i want to say that here @ MESCE its not a pure gang-war… its the war between a gang and SFI… and we can’t call it simply a war… the root reason for all small and big wars took place in our college is that… “If someone who don’t like SFI finds an “active” worker or even a supporter of SFI … they go to the active worker of KSU and say them that guy is SFI and these guys mainly from mech[royals not as a gang one or two] goes to him and uses bad words and even manhandles them[i too was manhandled by some of them only for this reason]. and if the guy of SFI returns one hit to escape 4rm it… then they goes to their class call whole class by putting on the royal’s sprite and come back to return back without a true reason”[here begins the problem]… most of them say thay came for true reason… without knowing wat was really happened behind that issue… and guyz like me[i don’t fear anyone even death] who really support SFI will remain as SFI itself since all has the freedom to stand with and work for wat they like… [as sunir mentioned above if u r 90% why should ksu worker hav to make such problems]… and when this problem goes much worser all SFI supporters come to final solution as like last strike in our college… [one thing all should know is that here @ kuttipurm both SFI and KSU has strong enough and equal political support 4rm there respective political parties…]I ask all political leaders of both side of our college be political and do work for the good of our better education and don’t use it to create wars in our college…and about the last issue… Shamzeer one of the KSU [leader of MECH] had called us[vipin one of SFI leader] for compermize and we agreed only to be compermized when he guaranteed that here after thay will not make any problems with SFI supporters… and here after we will never forgive for such issues…@zuhair if u hav problem with someone hav it with him itself… dont call a group name[like S5IT gayz], it may couse others to hav problems with u… take care while writing such tings… all who say we don’t want politics remember that we all study at present level of qualities in all aspects[like campus rules, university rules etc] is with the help of politics…”If u cant be a political worker[work for our needs] then be supporter who work for us”

  37. Aabid Says:

    i hapened to read the whole thing…n was real temptd to respond…but then i resisted..then i read the forum on the clg’s comminity…n jus cudnt holdbak…..reading sum of the things sum of u hav written i decided to respond aswel….tho i really dint want to get involved in this conversation but sumwer there seems to b a sense of realisation n sum of u seem to wnt to make ammends…so here goes…the following is wat i ahd writtn to the orkut community forum..n so is a lil too harsh…i apologise…i jus had a cupla questions…u dont realy need to answer them …jus think abt em for urself….who in the world r u al fighting for…most of the clg is jus fed up with the way u ppl jus pick up fites for the most stupidest of thngs….wat r ur gains…wat is the clg’s gain….wat gain do ur parents get (after all the money they spend on ur 4yrs at m.e.s)….i hav studied in mes…and nun of us ever gained bcoz of ur fites…on the otherhand u ppl wer such a nuisance for thos of us who wanted to enjoy our clg lives…u talk about the ppl among u who wer disapointd coz u cudnt go for the pgm in 3sur…wat abt all thos studnts who practised/made plans/looked forward to/wanted to go for the pgm in trissur engg clg….all u care about r urselves and ur partys image n upcoming elections!….leme ask u,do u realy think ur classmates r fascinated by ur ‘ego clashes’….these fites dont even deserve to b called ‘gang wars’…pls dont misunderstand that ppl make frends with u bcoz of ur party affiliations…if u hav frens its coz of the person u r….conversely,u dnt need to be either royal or red hearted to make frens….grow up guys….u r ppl who r gna becum engneers(i hope u intend to!sumtimes i doubt,the way u seem to run around so actively beating up n geting beaten up!)….picture urself in corporate companies n working in different cities like bangalore,madras, or even trivandrum or cochin….all these fites n clashes u get involved into arent gna get u newher but to the nearest police station…even if there different groups in clg,atleast act with sum maturity and professionalism….using physicl force is never the way to resolve ur difernces….is this the same way u plan to sort differences wen u start working in offices….is this how ur parents n elders around u deal with their differnces…..ur spoiling everyones clg life with the things u do.everyone has cum to clg looking for a bit of fun aswell.enjoy ur clg life making frens n having fun.dont waste it drawing lines between urselves n fighting amonst urselves.nobody will ever be proud of u stop trying to becum ‘heroes’ of the clg for ur own sake n for ur own popularity…if u wana reaLLY help then find sum other way to,insted of supporting these units of parties in the clg n make use of the nss,dpmt associations,l&dc,etc,etc….jus luk at the archiecture students…they r not involved in any politics n stil they hav soo much fun…ur living like frogs in the well….thinking that clg life is everythng…sumting even big enuf to die for!!!!fools u r! this is jus 4yrs of ur entire life probably spaning 50 – 60 yrs n if ur lucky more!….royal mech or sfi is nuthing worth dieing for or spoiling ur career/life….sstop looking at the picture from within….step aside n luk at urselves…if anybody became gr8 in this world,it was becoz ‘everyone’ thot he was gr8….not bcoz one smal group felt tht way…ur party frens may think u r gr8…but Realise,the rest of us despise u and think very litle of u!….i gain nuthing from teling u al this….but its sad to hav left clg n hav to hear all the things u make ppl say about our clg bcoz of the things u do!….i kno very few of u here in this forum..simply coz i prefered to keep my distance from both of u groups wen i studied there….i hav suffered quite a bit bcoz of both of u groups….neither of u r 100% perfect…wat ksu-msf(based on wat u sfi ppl claim) is doing now sounds soo much like wat sfi was doing a cupla yrs bak wen they wer in power!….but fine,even if both of u exist….atleast cant u compete with each other with dignity n standard…y use all sorts of cheap tricks n 3rd rate stunts….why do u need to drag in the locals n party people insde OUR clg….all that happns is alot of u have cases filed upon u for things u havnt even dun….the locals walk off….party leaders dont bother wen clg unit leaders r lathi charged(ask afsheen…he’l tell u!!!)and in the end…once ur 4 yrs is al over,u(the same ppl hu fot with each other )will meet up,compromise,n sort out their cases so that everyone can get on with their own lives….its not jus for ur own good im telling u al this….but its also for all the ppl in clg who dont get involved in al these sfi-ksu/msf fites…..jus bcoz everyone keeps quiet dont think wat u r doing is rite….they r keeping quiet coz they hav beter things to do….bcoZ they understnad there r more important things in life….ur fites r but jus small things in the gr8 world they r living in …but for u they r gr8 things in ur small lil world!….welcum to reality,buddies….so dont make urself regret,wen yrs from now,u sit n think about wat u gained from al this!….all the best…hope i hav not hurt ne of u personaly…that was not the intention…n excuse me if i was rude with nething i sed….

  38. zuheir Says:

    hmmm….tht raggin stuff n all i 4gt…but this gang war blog made me rem all tht…MH is united ..i do agree…but to a limit only ….to sunir..hey cmon…i din say tht shameem got scared..plz read once more..wat i said is he knew tht s4 wud b split until he goes 4 compromise…if hez a person hu luvs compromise n not fyts…y did he enter into fyt…recntly… don think tht i got ragged more..but others r damn silent..jus thts it..all ma frnz got same lyk me… in MH..even if earth quake occurs…all wont come out..still 50% plus will luk the buildin collapse thru the room window..such is the condition..many r scared..lemme take ma batch case…on the locals vs MH prob…more than half of s4 wer in their rooms n wer lukin wat was happenin thru the window..same case wit s5 n s7.. thn u said tht i must go out of MH…if a person say a truth or a fact…shud he b punishd???jus read once more n see wether thers a single false newz… u say tht i must go to those i hate to confront…ther must b sum reason na…thn surely i will …but now they damn silnt..they din even cum out 4 fyt tht day wit locals…4 such ppl to b active…MH must b near to LH so tht girls will see them…i see thm active durin college breaks near the canteen n all tht stuff…so how cum i??to sabah…sry 4 mentionin IT guys..i dunno those guyz namez…so i menttiond in general.. thn sum1 said tht its not a place 4 personal prob…it was prob facd to many of ma buddies..all got to say same thing.. thn another guy hu ragged us was senior..since then…hez a very gud company of v guyz…thts wat raggin is all about..not jus raggin n thn actin as if din see thm at all… jus thts wat i got to say… party n politics is gud..but if its under a limit… 4 tht politics must b neat n clean.. jus see these..a guy of mech said me..first of all i dunno y he said this to me..but this is wat he said me..”this year there will b elections..v (ksu msf) will win surely..if v understnd tht v wont win..then we will cancel elections..n moreover we got permission to injure those guyz who stand for sfi..”i dunno y he said this to me…is this clean politics???its cheap na?? thts all i want to bring forth by sayin raggin n all.. tc all…c ya..tata.. had gr8 fun..

  39. zuheir Says:

    so by this …me leavin the active participation of this blog…n me gonna bcum active reader of the blog.. cheerz!!!

  40. Rahmath Says:

    @ jinshonBro, I told you about Daniel issue was that because I was a part of team which got hurt by Daniels attack.It was a time when the juniors started to mingle with seniors and most of them were impressed by the SFI’s anti-ragging campaign while these so called F.R.I.E.N.D.S where enjoying hurting the juniors as described by me Daniel was one of the star in ragging at that time.When even hostel started to turn red the team led by mechanical started their old tricks that’s hurting & threatening who ever supports SFI.Since they were afraid of the main SFI leaders they turned against students who support SFI in MH.And on 4th January2006 six EC s4(then) students where manhandled by mechanical crooks and as we were in charge of SFI that time went to hostel to visit them,We dint think that visiting hostel was a crime. When we came down, Mechanical & CSE gang surrounded us with stones and rods.They where around 60 guys and we were just 3 and they started abusing us really badly but none of them touch us, God knows y??? When we started to leave came Daniel running and kicked one comrade down and kicked and hit me and the other comrade. When we went to catch him all started stoning us. This really did hurt us.We dint expect this from Daniel because we never had any issues with Daniel, more precisely I never even talked with him in my 2years.Its may be he saw around 60 guys behind him but forgot this 60 wont protect him every where.Even then we were ready to compromise & forgive as we knew this would deflect the politics in to on going violence. We decided not to give case and called then KSU Secretary‘Rejoy’ and talked about the issue and said we are ready to leave this issue if you assure that people in MH can work for what they believe is right and they will not be harmed again for this and compromise meeting should be held soon.But, their leaders misunderstood that we wonted compromise because we were scared of them and they refused to compromise and asked us to do what we can & went on celebrating this whole night messaging LH as if touching us was their only aim & was so precious.KSU was damn happy finding new fighter especially since this lad was so huge & and old hero shameem was taken down, they gave him a ‘New hero’ image and boosted him up. With his over confidence he challenged SFI again in the very next evening and within ten minutes he got what was waiting for him.But when this guy got hurt what he did in the last night was forgotten and news spread was Danny got hit because he didn’t support SFI. The mechanical rascals used this opportunity to attack the Poor students in MH who from heart love SFI but aren’t strong workers. They were attacked and their books, cloths and beds where burned in front of the hostel and ill soon publish the video of that. SFI is not something like these bloody gangs who attack innocent guys just because they don’t follow u…!!

  41. prasank Says:

    I passed out of MES in 2002. Seeing notes here, nothing much has changed around there. As a fresher in ’98, it was sad for me to observe the smashed up plug points in every class room. The day I entered college, there was a big fight, as some old hero had returned and the guys currently in college decided to hit him with bricks resulting in multiple bone fractures, lost teeth etc. If you know the history, there was no SFI or MSF then. It was just plain old rivalry. Whatever the management do, the current group of students are going to pass out, a new crop come in, and then they have to start all over again. Actually, I happened to visit MES on one such strike day. If I remember correctly this was in DEC ’06 and someone bet up the SFI santa. By this time, the staff who were in the college for some years were joking about the strike and how they got some off days due to it. Really, with all this heated blood all the students are gaining here are broken bones and lost teeth.

  42. Vineeth Sukumaran Says:

    Good Work!Please Visit Our Blog(

  43. care Says:

    Good discussion.What happens ate MESCE has nothing to do with politics. It is neither campus politics or local politics.Those locals who got into it are victims and their friends. The Boys of MESCE bully locals, especially local poor. They pick up fight with auto rickshaw drivers and others and thus they provoke the locals. There are some reasons why these boys are courageous enough to bully locals. These boys for some reason are treated as most privileged students in the college. They can do anything, no one will interrupt them. As they are treated as the most privileged by the principal, a few faculty and staff they feel they can getaway with anything… thus they extend their arrogance on locals. There is a reason for their privileged status: there are sons of MES management committee members, sons of politicians in the privileged gang. The principal and other who would like to get favours from their parents would never punish them. Moreover, if the MES people had taken huge sum of money from students then too they remain silent for two reasons: 1. they do not want to trouble big shots capable to pay huge money under the table 2.they do not want to pay back the money taken from them … because that is what would happen if the students discontinue…(the take huge sum of money from Mech students– and hence they are powerful, second, there are more sons of influential people among mech students)Jabir has taken up the student adviser post not because he is an enthusiastic student organizer but because to earn a promotion by doing one or another favour to the sons and daughters of influential parents… ideologically he is blindly anti-left. Note that he is promoted twice within small period violating all norms the college otherwise follows.Jabir sir wants the student gangwars to continue… only if such wars continue ha can make use of it as an opportunity for his self promotion…. Some such logic operates behind the Principal's action too…These people support one gang of the two because it is beneficial for them… a pure rational choice…This kind of gang wars are very common in private self-financing colleges… especially where formal student politics is banned… The epi-center of student gang wars is not the political parties, they are within the campus itself. To be more precise, the epicenter of the gang wars are from the sons of influential and rich parents… It goes on because, many others want to exploit the influential parents for their own self interest… People in the important position (principal, staff adviser…) play an uglier politics than the students themselves…

  44. jinsbond007 Says:

    @careHi,I wrote about something happened in 2007 and i had been to college recently. From what i heard and saw, it was a lot different(i wont say improved). If its not like that you can write on but, i don't really know whether there is anything which helps the life of students of MES is there in these posts currently. From what i know, all those who wrote these stuff and discussed are already out of college 🙂

  45. care Says:

    A minuscule minority among students do something really good.That itself is great.As far the campus "politics" is concerned, one side already declared victory. Student politics now has nothing to do with students it is all about self promotion of official representatives of the unchallengeable gang. The "Royals" and their "friends" rule the campus with full support from the officials of MESCE (i.e., principal and staff adviser)…It has not gained anything "professional" you are aspiring, however a few students do become professionals. The faculty is still dull. There is just elementary schooling… It is no where near Government Engineering colleges… it is far, far, far, … below the standards of IITs… It does not seem that no one at MESCE really cares! The management is happy because the official gang emerged victorious.Look at the MESCE principal, he is an ignorant person knows nothing of academics… show me one head of the department who is worthy of the post? Good faculty leave, the bad ones stay… this has become a reservoir of bad teachers… look at the student intake, those who come through management quota are mostly waste… they are the official gangsters…it happens sometimes the official gangsters opposed… that is what we see in the violent eruptions… so long as the official gangsters are not opposed, then there is peace… recently the NBA team too pointed out that the principal is a good for nothing person for any institutions that would like to aspire anything remotely academic…!

  46. jinsbond007 Says:

    @careIt seems you know a lot more of whats happening at college than me. Then it will be a better exercise to write about it in a different blog post. There was no campus politics in MESCE as far as i remember and i don't think anything changed in last 2 years. About the qualification of faculty, good teachers bad teachers and comparison to IITs i just have a smile to answer. I quite agree with you on the point of relation between principal and academics. Rest about the gangwar, and the peace, there are many ways how a war will end, whatever be the ways finally someone have to concede to other for the war to end :)I really think there is real need of real politics in the campus(after seeing some of the weird practices of the management), someone who can raise voice of students.

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