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Love!!! My thoughts!!!

April 20, 2008

This is my second article of the series, God,Love,Freedom and Life. All what I write here is just simply my thoughts and my own conclusions so I welcome your opinions on the matter. Thanks for Anwar for inspiring me to write a series like this. It was easy for me to write about God because, its a topic which I studied hard and thought very deep to get some insight. But when it comes to love, I never thought deep into the subject and tried to find whats actually love, or of its several appearances, which one is true.

To start with, whenever we think of love, its an emotion which after all and is a feeling for which people will go to the farthest extents. The parameters of love between one person to another varies. We can never find the same intensity on two relationships. Moreover it is everywhere. When we say we hate someone, it means we love to hate that buddy!

Moreover, how much one love someone else, is the measure of intensity of relation between them. All relationships in the world is ruled by the laws of love. When we think in deep, one can understand, more than thing else, the world is ruled by laws of love.

When I say laws of love, people might get confused, “are there any laws for love? Its a free flowing emotion na?” Ultimate law of love is “There is only one kind of love and its the ultimate,’Love for life’”. When someone is sure, he can’t love his life anymore, it ends all other love. Or we can put it like this, “if there is no feeling of love in any form towards anything in ones life, then his love for life finished.” I believe love is the purpose of life and when love is extinct in ones life, he will be dead. So any living being will be having some kind love to keep him alive.

So there appears the question of the people who are forced to death. Are they dead because they don’t love their life? Always it will not be, there can be another strong reason. It is the disturbances to the energy conditions of one due to love causes that ending. Or simple law of nature, unstable beings can’t exist in nature as it is.

So what is the relation between love and energy? In my view, energy is the factor responsible for the universe, and love is the factor which controls the flow of energy in our lives. So more than an emotion, love is the thing which is responsible for our lives.