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Being Lonely(its good if it makes you think!!!)

March 1, 2008

For me being lonely is the time to think and let your mind gaze through the rich grasslands life. Even when i am in a crowd, sometimes i will go thinking. I never need to be alone to feel alone. Being alone is simply something which happens to me anywhere unpredictable. When I feel like that, what i will try is to draw conclusions on what i observed.

On such an occasion, i was trying to draw conclusions on the truth of GOD. I just tried to think how GOD can be? As he is one capable of driving the whole universe, he will be either somewhere outside the universe at a centralized place or a distributed source. The existance of such a centralized source is something which is beyond imagination and almost impossible when we think that it is having a role in each and everything happening in the whole universe(just think of a big energy source which provides the force for our movements within the earth and for earth to move around the sun and so on). It led me to the conclusion that the force can be something distributed every where in the whole universe(just understand its a simple conclusion by a crooked mind!!! I am ready to believe otherwise if you convince me).

Then also the problem was actually not solved completely. I just kept thinking what can be that distributed source of power be? It should be something associated with each and everything. When i looked in such a sense, it just clicked me that whenever some chemical reaction happens an amount of energy is released. All activities in the universe when thought of can be reduced to simply things which are using energy or things which displaces energy. Energy is the single driving force in all the actions in the universe. All actions are exchanges or conversions of forms of energy!!!

Then I suddenly felt like, is things this simple? But when i started thinking deeply into the facts it appeared to me more clear that, the concept of a single GOD or a group GODS or anything can be rounded off to the definition of it as the ultimate source of energy in the whole universe. Suddenly it appeared something which explains everything to me(may be because it was so simple).

My thoughts then went into the fact that no religion or beliefs are explaining things like this. Then when i thought a little more, i understood that image the god as something like a watchdog and the ultimate jury was a better solution to many problems in the society and answers to a bunch of questions(another of my assumptions!!!cross me if you want, always welcome!!!).

This just a sample of how my thoughts used to go when I am alone(not physically!!!). Please be patient to read more!!!